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About Us

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SintuOnline is founded by a South African female Social Entrepreneur, Mpho Sekwele. She has over ten years of corporate work experience in the retail industry, specifically focusing on retail planning and buying functions, strategic business planning, supply chain and project management for Blue Chip retail companies. In 2017, Mpho spent the year living abroad in Europe and the USA, to hone her business and entrepreneurial skills. Mpho holds an International Executive MBA and is a Mandela Washington Fellow under the Young African Leaders Initiative. It is through her wide travels that she envisioned an Africa with a greater global footprint.

Sintu Origin: “Of African Heritage”

Sintu, a name which originates from Southern African Nguni languages, i) si- denotes language or culture, and -ntu ‘(African) person’.
Our journey as Sintu was inspired by our travels to different parts of the world where we fell in love with the people, the culture and the sounds of each place that we visited. We love the vibrancy and diversity of the people, the richness of colour and most of all, the generosity of spirit we encountered. It reminded us of ubuntu bethu (our humanity) and we wanted to share this experience with you, our customer.

When you shop with us here at Sintu we hope that you will find pieces of these experiences in the items that form part of our store. It brings us immense joy to share with you, our customer ,windows into our hearts through these contemporary products that are inspired by our African Heritage.

These products are our means to connect with our African heritage and with you. We have taken extra care when choosing these pieces and we know that you will love them as much as we do. Africa, as the youngest continent demographically, is abuzz with great creativity and innovative entrepreneurs. At Sintu we are proud to be part of driving the growth of these industries and source only authentically African made products from young emerging brands.

It gives us great pleasure to showcase these and we look forward to connecting with you!