Our Narrative

Sintu Origin: “Of African Heritage”

Sintu, a name which originates from the Southern African Nguni languages, i)si– denoting language or culture, and –ntu ‘(African) person’.

Our journey began after months of travelling diverse parts of the world, which have each left an imprint in our hearts, because of the varied rich culture and heritage we have come to learn about the people of the world. Be it the West or Eastern countries, there is always something unique and special about the diverse cultural heritage surrounding us in the globe.

We would like to similarly share pieces of ourselves with the world at large by providing this E-Commerce platform, where contemporary products inspired by African Heritage, are easily accessible to the global market.

We would like you to connect with our strongly rooted African heritage, through our affordable products, each with an illuminating story behind them.

Africa, as the youngest continent, is abuzz with great creativity and innovative entrepreneurs. Therefore, we are proud to source our authentically African made products from young emerging brands and we are passionate about scaling small African businesses to the global landscape.

We look forward to connecting with you!.